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1449T-9000 vs T-5000 speed control

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  • Kevin Strong
    May 8, 2014
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      I was tweaking a locomotive tonight in the workshop, and noticed a
      difference in how the locomotive responded to each of these
      throttles. To wit, with the T-9000, speed step 1 resulted in the
      locomotive *just* starting to crawl forward at a glacial pace. When I
      bumped the T-5000, the locomotive took off a bit faster, equivalent
      to around speed step 3 on the T-9000.

      I've got a modicum of momentum dialed into the throttle, and it's not
      like I spend a lot of time with the loco cruising along as speed step
      1, so it's not like it's anything I'd give much thought to out in the
      garden. Still, I found the difference between the two curious at
      least. Has anyone else noticed this, or perhaps have any ideas why
      this might be the case?

      (BTW, if any of y'all haven't played with the motor bump CVs, you
      *really* owe it to yourself to do so. When I say the loco crawls at a
      glacial pace, I mean it. VERY good slow speed control.)