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1445RE: [AirWire] PA1 with Airwire Drop IN and Phoenix P5 problem.

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  • Gary Nichols
    Jan 14, 2014

      Sorry I didn't get back sooner!!!


                I also may have misspoke in my haste to help, but for me the problem set was a G3 and 2K2 board.  Regardless, here is all I did ICW my call to Phoenix .  I simple swapped / reconnected the two wires running from the G3 H1 DCC booster output to pins 1 and 2 (track / motor power) on the 2K2 and, bingo, all was well.

                Before that simple change, the loco's motor responded to the AW throttle, but the sounds were wacko and totally independent of any commands.  It got no response to the controller and was auto cycling / stopping at random.  I don't know how this may apply to P5 and later boards, but you should give it a try.  

                Also, I use the Phoenix programmer to do as much DCC programming as I can on the AW boards and sound boards.  Never had a problem changing features, decoder nrs, loco nrs., etc.  Gary


      Subject: RE: [AirWire] PA1 with Airwire Drop IN and Phoenix P5 problem.

      Gary , there are 3 wires going from the Airwire to the Phoenix ,  2 green and an orange.  Is it the 2 green (which I believe is power) that you suggest I reverse?

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