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1443Re: [AirWire] PA1 with Airwire Drop IN and Phoenix P5 problem.

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  • Kevin Strong
    Jan 14, 2014

      If I understand it the Airwire and the Phoenix communicate over address 3. 

      Which adapter cable are you using? The plug on the Airwire PA drop in is designed for the P8. If the adapter cable is designed to go between the P8 and the Airwire, then you're wiring is backwards from what it needs to be. The pin order on the P5 and P8 are reversed. The P5 plug (from pin 1 on the right as you look at the board from the top) is "DCC", "DCC", "speaker", "speaker", "+", "-". 
      The P8 plug is "-", "+", "speaker", "speaker", "DCC", "DCC". 

      As you look at the P5 board from the top with the power and DCC plug at the top, you need the two wires on the far right to be connected to the two pins on the *inside* of the drop-in. 


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