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1442Re: [AirWire] PA1 with Airwire Drop IN and Phoenix P5 problem.

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  • Joel Waterman
    Jan 14, 2014
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      You have 3 problems

      1.The P5 is wired differently than the P8

      With a Phoenix P 5 - you should have 2 green wires going from the Phoenix power in (1 & 2) to the AirWire DCC outputs (terminal numbers will vary depending on which AirWire board you are using).  There is no orange wire required.

      2. AirWire drop-ins are designed for Phoenix P8 boards and the plug connectors may be wrong for a P5.  Unfortunately, the AirWire instructions don't give a pin-out for their "phoenix" socket so we don't know which pins are the DCC terminals

      3. If moving from a steam engine (with a chuff signal) to a diesel (with no chuff) you have to change the Phoenix to respond to "speed from voltage"

      You should probably phone Phoenix sound and ask for their advice
      Joel Waterman
      Rushbury Valley Railroad

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      Subject: RE: [AirWire] PA1 with Airwire Drop IN and Phoenix P5 problem.

      Gary, there are 3 wires going from the Airwire to the Phoenix,  2 green and an orange.  Is it the 2 green (which I believe is power) that you suggest I reverse?

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