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1437Re: [AirWire] PA1 with Airwire Drop IN and Phoenix P5 problem.

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  • Joel Waterman
    Jan 14 9:26 AM
      The AirWire decoder and the Phoenix sound decoder are both shipped with the default DCC address as #3 and should have worked together out of the box.

      If you changed the address of one and forgot to change the address of the other they won't work together.

      But if the AirWire is not #3 and the phoenix is still #3, you should be able to control the sound (but not the engine) by addressing your throttle to Ln#3  - this will test your connections etc.

      Do you have the Phoenix computer interface?

      Joel Waterman
      Rushbury Valley Railroad

      From: "warred2000@..." <warred2000@...>
      To: AirWire@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 12:00:29 PM
      Subject: [AirWire] PA1 with Airwire Drop IN and Phoenix P5 problem.

      When I turn on the locomotive all the AirWire specific stuff works fine (forward, reverse, lights and smoke).  When I turn on the Phoenix all I get is the idle sounds and it does not respond to train movement or any of the function keys.

      Things I have tried.  Rechecked wiring over and over.  Also using the Phoenix supplied cable to connect P5 to Airwire.

      Reset Airwire Decoder to factory defaults.

      Set the CV on Phoenix to DCC for motion instead of Triggers.

      It looks like the P5 is getting power from Airwire (obviously) but it is not receiving or responding to any of the DCC signals.

      Any ideas would be appreciated.

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