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1427wireless DCC

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  • Richard
    Sep 11, 2013
      I have 2 questions
       Right now I am using a G2 receiver as a track side receiver.http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7370/9728099814_cc91efbbbf_b.jpg and am using a NCE G wire transmitter I can switch between DCC and DC when I want or need to.
      Because I am into large scale I would like to have more amperage  to the track.
      1. To get more amperage to the track what all will i need?
      I am thinking all I need to buy would be a Zone Master booster 7 and power supply.Hook up the G2 DCC output to the SZB 7 input ,and hook up the out put of the booster to the track. Will this work?

      2.A friend  wants to go wireless Track side DCC.
      I think because the T5000 IS a command station he could get the wireless starter set without the command station. Will that work?