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1425Yahoo's new NEO format - info and issues

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  • frolin_rr
    Sep 10, 2013



      Many of you have noticed a new appearance and flow in the Yahoo Group pages, when you visit them online  (vs. reading and posting by email).  Many are finding lots of issues with features not working, buttons or options not responding, or simply, trouble following the flow and using the new pages.


      As the Moderator and User like yourself, I have encountered many problems with the new  “Neo”  format, as it is being called.  I have used Windows Internet Explorer version 9,  tested under version 10, and even Google’s Chrome, and found limited success and various failures with each browser.  And this is after doing several annoying steps suggested by Yahoo to make it work.


      Wanting to share some links you may find helpful or informative…



      Yahoo’s  New Format overview page…



      Yahoo’s  Groups Info / Table of Contents,  with helpful links…



      A Google site that gives a good overview of the new Yahoo layout ?



      A Yahoo Feedback page…



      Go read with many many…  many others are saying. 

      Then post some feedback yourself.  Make sure Yahoo knows how you feel!



      Good luck and best wishes while we are try to get used to ‘change’ and system failures.


      Frolin Marek

      AirWire Moderator

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