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1422Re: [AirWire] Re: Sierra operations with Airwire (was: I'm the new guy)

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  • Kevin Strong
    Aug 15, 2013
      > The only problem I have is the engine continuously notches after a
      > certain point. It's like the sound board isn't sinking with the
      > motor drive and thinks the engine is constantly accelerating.
      Ah, diesel installation... You need an opto-isolator circuit between
      the motor voltage output of the decoder and the motor voltage input
      of the Sierra. You can get away without this with a steam
      installation if you're not using any of the "automatic" sound
      features or don't mind Fireman Fred not shoveling coal. But for a
      diesel installation where the sound has to work in concert with the
      speed, yeah, you need this so the Sierra can properly read the motor
      voltage and adjust the motor revs properly. Otherwise, the Sierra
      thinks the motor's always going full tilt, or--if you leave them
      unconnected--thinks the motor isn't getting any voltage and goes into
      shut-down after a minute. (This is a "flaw" in the Sierra design
      overall; you need this interface regardless of which control system
      you're using.)

      You can get opto-isolators specifically designed for the Sierra from
      two sources: Tony Walsham (RCS of Australia) and Aristo-Craft. I
      prefer Tony's because it's about 1/4 the size of the Aristo version.
      Tony's part #SSI-12v5. I don't see Aristo's listed on their site, but
      if memory serves, it was around $30.

      Now, having said all that, by the time you add the $17 function
      decoder and the interface board (Tony's is around $50 US), you
      haven't saved all that much money compared to the Phoenix, except for
      the fact that you already own the Sierra. (It's been a l-o-n-g time
      since I bought an opto-isolator; I thought they were a bit cheaper.)
      So you may consider getting the Phoenix and selling the Sierra
      anyway. I see them go for anywhere between $75 - $125. Or save the
      Sierra for an installation where you just want generic diesel noise
      that doesn't have to respond to a throttle, or whatever.



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