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1420Sierra operations with Airwire (was: I'm the new guy)

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  • coloradoebt
    Aug 14 6:59 PM
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      "My comment was not controllable in real time. This is true whether you use a function controller or not. "

      Sure you can. On the whistle, you have the option of either "real time" where the whistle blows for the duration you've got the button pressed, or "automatic" which gives you directional and stop whistles, and then a grade crossing whistle when the button is pressed. On the bell, I've only run across one Sierra board where triggering the bell only gave me 8 rings. The rest rang as long (or short) between presses of the button; from one or two rings to however many... On the one that only gave me 8 rings, I can't remember if I "fixed" that or not, and if I did, how I did. I'll look into that tomorrow.) But other than that and those instances where I specifically programmed the board *not* to give me real-time control of the whistle, it's always been real-time. That's with RCS, Revolution, and Airwire (via TCS function decoder) control.



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