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1418Re: [AirWire] Re: I'm the new guy

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  • coloradoebt
    Aug 14, 2013
      "The sierra will work for large scale, it will not be controllable in real
      time by airwire, the Sierra is not DCC and is very old design. "

      You can use a small function decoder to control the sounds on the Sierra board. Connect the function decoder  board to the DCC output of the G3, then use the outputs of the function decoder to trigger the four sounds on the Sierra (Bell, whistle, hiss, and coupler clank.) I'll have to ask my dad to diagram exactly how he has his wired, but it works well. Digitrax and TCS make cheap (c. $17) 4-function boards that are about the size of a dime.

      Granted, I have to agree that the Sierras are old technology and pale in comparison to what you can do with a Phoenix connected directly via the DCC output (especially if you have the PC programming interface to tune the board to your locomotive.) But if you've already got the Sierra and all you're after is basic sound, you're good.



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