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1415RE: [AirWire] I'm the new guy

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  • Jonathan Bliese
    Aug 14, 2013
      Hello Eric, welcome. See my answers to your questions below

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      Subject: [AirWire] I'm the new guy

      Hello Group-

      My name is Eric. Just to tell you a bit about myself I've been model
      railroading HO scale for 25+ years. I operate my trains with Digitrax and
      enjoy DCC and Sound. I currently live in central Minnesota. Over the years
      I've collected a few G-scale trains in hopes to someday start a garden
      railroad. Well, the time to start has arrived.

      I visited a local group in Wayzata, MN. They have a g-scale display at the
      depot (real trains still run by too). I was thinking of going DCC with the
      garden railroad but was advised to look into battery operation, especially
      with the advancements in lithium batteries. So, after a google search I
      found AirWire by CVP. I must say I like what I'm seeing.

      A couple quick questions though, I'm looking at using the G3.

      - Does AirWire allow a user to program and customize the decoder just like I
      can with Digitrax decoders?

      [Jonathan Bliese] Within certain limits, yes. For example many motor
      adjustments, speed curves, bump adjuastment, many lighting adjustments, and
      more, such as ditch lights for diesel guys, smoke generator driver etc.

      - I'm starting small for now, but will eventually be building a larger
      garden layout. So should I go with the G3x just to have the larger range
      right off the bat? I figure it's better to have it than not.

      [Jonathan Bliese] if you have plastic locos, the g3 or g3x will perform the
      same. The g3x has a floppy external wire antenna, otherwise no difference.
      It may actually be easier to use a standard g3, as there is no wire antenna
      to fix in place, or that shows on the outside of the loco. There is no claim
      for range difference among the various flavors of decoder. It is more to do
      with your installation. The internal antenna versions are base loaded and
      perform the same

      - Is sound seriously as simple as plugging in a HO scale sound decoder (like
      tsunami)? Can I still customize the sound decoder (bell ring rate, horn
      type, sound levels, etc.)?

      [Jonathan Bliese] You will likely find the ho decoders are not loud enough
      for outdoor use. The tsunami falls into this area. These units do not have
      enough push to drive a large speaker in an open area environment. There are
      fixes, such as external add on amps, but this adds complexity, and battery

      The Airwire system is designed to work seamlessly with Phoenix sound. Yes,
      more costly , but designed for Large scale, and also fully adjustable and
      customizable. Yes, it really is that simple to connect, just a few wires and
      Airwire will provide control over 12 sound functions.

      You also need to think about charging and battery installs, and suitable
      control and fuses, along with the switching between charge side and power
      side. My systems are fully integrated and complete, and we have been Lithium
      power for nearly 5 years now.



      large scale battery conversions for over 23 years. Airwire 900 since they
      started in large scale.

      Thanks for any help in advance!
      Eric W

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