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1414I'm the new guy

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  • eawarhol
    Aug 14, 2013
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      Hello Group-

      My name is Eric. Just to tell you a bit about myself I've been model railroading HO scale for 25+ years. I operate my trains with Digitrax and enjoy DCC and Sound. I currently live in central Minnesota. Over the years I've collected a few G-scale trains in hopes to someday start a garden railroad. Well, the time to start has arrived.

      I visited a local group in Wayzata, MN. They have a g-scale display at the depot (real trains still run by too). I was thinking of going DCC with the garden railroad but was advised to look into battery operation, especially with the advancements in lithium batteries. So, after a google search I found AirWire by CVP. I must say I like what I'm seeing.

      A couple quick questions though, I'm looking at using the G3.

      - Does AirWire allow a user to program and customize the decoder just like I can with Digitrax decoders?

      - I'm starting small for now, but will eventually be building a larger garden layout. So should I go with the G3x just to have the larger range right off the bat? I figure it's better to have it than not.

      - Is sound seriously as simple as plugging in a HO scale sound decoder (like tsunami)? Can I still customize the sound decoder (bell ring rate, horn type, sound levels, etc.)?

      Thanks for any help in advance!
      Eric W
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