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1410RE: [AirWire] Adding Proline Smoke Unit

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  • Jonathan Bliese
    Jul 16, 2013
      Tommy: if you connect it as described, it will work but will not pulse if
      the fan is connected to #9. Unless the Train li can pulse the fan on its
      own-not likely. What are the electrical specs of the fan unit? You can
      indeed connect the fan to one of the lighting outputs and set the cv on that
      function to a pulse of some sort. It will not be synced to the drivers but
      will still be a good effect- provided the fan current - or inrush at start-
      \does not exceed the light driver capability. Electric motors- such as the
      tiny one on the fan of the smoke unit- present a near short circuit for the
      millisecond they start- or change from no motion to rotation. The G3 light
      drivers are designed for LED, so they have failry . Page 20 shows how to
      connect a relay. A relay is a better way, but may not keep up with pulses as
      the train speed increases. It will work well at very low speeds, which is
      where the pulse effect is best anyway. Note page 20 shows rather than pin
      10, the connection is straight to the battery positive.

      Now, with all that said, the light drivers have a one amp output. Most smoke
      units I have seen can go from a max of 500- 600 ma(at cold start) down to
      300ma or so when hot and operating continuously. It is also not likely the
      fan will pull more than 1 amp at stall. No guarantees however.



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      Subject: [AirWire] Adding Proline Smoke Unit

      I am installing a Train-Li USA Proline pulsed smoke in a Bachmann 4-6-0 with
      Barry's Drive, 14.8 battery, Airwire G3, Phoenix P8 and LED front and rear
      lighting. All the wiring has been replaced. I am using a reed switch and
      magnets on the tender wheel to generate the chuff sound.

      The smoke unit has has 4 wires, 2 for the smoke and 2 for the fan. Do I hook
      up the positive fan and smoke wires both to Airwire TM1 #10 and the neg fan
      and smoke wires both to TM1 #9 Smoke Module Driver. This will drive both the
      fan and smoke from the Airwire Smoke Module Driver - correct?

      Can you run the smoke only from the airwire smoke driver and hook up the fan
      to an unused lite driver like #8 and trigger the fan by assigning a CV value
      to the #8 output?

      If that is possible, is there a way to get pulsed smoke from the Airwire G3
      unit by triggering the fan off and on?

      Thanks for any insight you can provide.

      Rio Gracie

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