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1405RF1300 throttle emergency stop?

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  • Kevin Strong
    May 9, 2013

      Is there a universal "emergency stop" feature on the old RF-1300

      I'm using a G-2 to drive a 1-amp Tsunami, so I'm driving the
      Tsunami's motor outputs instead of the G-2's. (It's a Goose, so it's
      not drawing a whole lot of current and I wanted the sounds to match
      the throttle setting.) Unfortunately, my usual trick of double-
      tapping the red reverse button to stop the locomotive doesn't work,
      as that seems to be an Airwire motor control only feature. (It
      doesn't work on my QSI-equipped locos, either.)

      The reason I'm asking is that it appears the "shut down" sound
      sequence on the Tsunami boards is triggered by hitting the "emergency
      stop" button. It'd be nice to stop the goose in front of the station,
      then have the motor turn off while the crews do what crews do.

      Thoughts? Has anyone tried the Tsunami with one of the newer
      throttles to see if their emergency stop button works there?