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  • w.higdon9604@comcast.net
    Jerry, I don t know if you re a member of theYahoo VP group, but Fritz Wagoner fwagoner@zianet.com flies out of Las Cruces, NM. Which is close to the same
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
      I don't know if you're a member of theYahoo VP group, but Fritz Wagoner
      fwagoner@... flies out of Las Cruces, NM. Which is close to the same altitude as Ogden, UT. Ask him for his advice on a prop
      Bill Higdon

      > Message: 2
      > Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 05:29:21 -0000
      > From: "Jerry" <chlrsn_j@...>
      > Subject: Better Climb Needed
      > I recently purchased VP N3270G from Danny McCormick in TX. The
      > plane came with a 1600cc VW and a Heggy 53x33 prop. This
      > combination worked great in the thick air of TX, but the air here is
      > a little thinner, then add a few degrees of temp and DA quickly
      > leaves climb in the "come on baby, you can do it range", so therein
      > lies my dilemma. What do I do to get better climb performance?
      > This winter I plan to rebuild the engine, but am somewhat undecided
      > as to the size I want to build. I know that I won't gain speed at
      > cruise but that is not what I am after any how. I want to go higher
      > faster´┐Ż
      > Right now I might get 200-300 feet per min and I max out at about
      > 7000ft msl. Not so great when the average mountain in about 8000 to
      > 9000 feet msl in my area.
      > My field elevation is 5000' and at run up I get about 3000 rpm and
      > with a good tail wind I might see 3300 max rpm at about 6000'
      > It has a slick mag with real airplane spark plugs
      > So, for about the same price I can build either an 1834 or a 1915.
      > I would like to see about 3300 or soon run up and be able to see
      > 3800 or so unloaded (in the air). I will not cruise at this rpm as
      > the plane seems to be just fine around 3150 rpm and 3.2 gph going
      > about 75 to 80 mph average ground speed.
      > What do you guys think?
      > Right now with winter just about here flying is not a problem and
      > come next month it will be too cold to go flying, so I will be
      > rebuilding the engine then, I just need to decide which size to go
      > to. By the way I will not be adding a stoker crank, just cylinder
      > and piston size and maybe larger valves (but only if it will help
      > turn the big fan better).
      > Jerry in UT
      > N3270G
      > VP1 Jerry,
      I don't know if you've joined th VP-1 group on yahoo yet or not, Fritz Wagoner
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