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17378RE: [AirVW] Culver or IVO prop

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  • Bruno De Michelis
    Feb 12, 2014
      Ivo 3 blade with excellent results
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      After searching around for a couple days I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.  I need a new prop and can't decide between a 72" culver or a 3 blade 72" ivo medium.  I understand a 2 blade wood is recommended for my engine but would like to know if anyone has used an ivo with good results?  I'm concerned about the weight of the ivo, will it be to heavy for my engine to swing effectively?

      My previous prop was the 68" ivo ultralight and it worked fairly well but couldn't get a cruise of more then 65mph@3200rpm (suppose to be 85ish) and climb was about 800fpm.   I operate from a fairly short runway in my backyard, 1400x100', so good STOL performance is necessary.  I also plan on getting my float rating (rec permit) and finding some floats for my plane, I can't imagine wood and water mixing very well?

      Engine is:
      GP2180cc VW
      1.6 redrive
      On a merlin GT

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