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Re: Someone doesn't see the big picture

I checked in with my former coworker. He's decided to stay for personal reasons and plans to go to bat for dumping their current implementation of agile, but
Jeanne Petrangelo
Dec 21, 2016

Re: Someone doesn't see the big picture

Hi Jeanne that is an unfortunate story. I see Mike Cohn's canonical form for a story. IMO a pretty silly practice. Too bad the novice coach did not know more
James Grenning
Dec 21, 2016

Re: Someone doesn't see the big picture

My first experience as a software engineer turned ScrumMaster was in embedded systems. I was naive and stupid in many ways. I was not as myopic as the
Alan Dayley
Dec 2, 2016

Someone doesn't see the big picture

A former coworker of mine is looking to leave where he's been for several years. He said they "do agile" so I asked what he thinks about it. I've pasted his
Dec 2, 2016

Dr. Surly's School for Mad Scientists: Unit Testing and other Embedd

If you've ever built a freeze ray, you know how hard it can be to get the tech right. Writing firmware for hardware products is its own special kind of
Mark Vander Voord
Mar 24, 2015

New article on Agile Hardware

I've been working to gather info on what is really happening in teams where hardware development needs to keep pace with Agile software development. I wrote
Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Mar 23, 2015

TDD training delivered by web meeting

I thought some on the subscribers to this list may be interested that I have started offering a web meeting based 2-day version of my training. I expect to do
James Grenning
Mar 13, 2015

New program for Agile Engineering - a call to action

I've gotten an ok through the Agile Alliance to start a program for helping the agile engineering community to emerge. That's my phrase for it, at least. By
Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Jul 14, 2014

IC Continous Integration

Hi, If you're interested in discussing continuous integration and IC development, and will attend the DAC conference in San Francisco, please stop by room 100
Hjerto, Markus Bakka
May 22, 2014

Re: Nice post on hardware mindset

Thanks, nice indeed. It is hard for HW developers to break out of their mindset thoughà harder than the actual technical challenge. I was recently working
Bas Vodde
Feb 26, 2014

Nice post on hardware mindset

Hi - Robin Dymond just made a great blog post on "The Agile Hardware Design Mindset" here http://www.innovel.net/?page_id=13 - njv --
Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Feb 26, 2014

Re: An online class on TDD for Embedded Development

Hi Mark, just one question I forgot to ask in the survey: do you have any target date/price for the course?   Regards, Fernando Hi Mark, just one question I
Fernando Mondello
Jan 30, 2014

An online class on TDD for Embedded Development

Hi. We're creating an online course on TDD for Embedded Development. We could really use your help before we can make this available to everyone. Would you
Mark Vander Voord
Jan 30, 2014

Re: Introduction

Hi Florian, Welcome to the group! Is there a practice that you're using which is working great and you'd like to share details? Is there an issue that we might
Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Jan 27, 2014


Hi All! Allow me to introduce myself. I am from Salzburg, Austria and currently the team-leader of the server-software R&D team at a medium-sized company. We
Florian Floimair
Jan 27, 2014
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