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Polygamy - the next phase // The Bond Market could collapse any seco

IB, It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy ...   Major Money Manager Braces for Bond-Market Collapse  Major Money Manager Braces for Bond-Market Collapse ...
hebrew b'yisrael
11:55 AM

7/25: USA out of Puerto Rico - transferred to China soon!

Good day Love 4 Self; This is my take on the situation in PR. China is going to swap $73B in debt for the takeover of PR & put under RED CHINA control in 60
hebrew b'yisrael
11:53 AM

Rev. James W. Manning stirring it up again - "I AIN'T GOING INTO NO

T- You know things are getting pretty bad when an "Uncle Tom" sounds more "Militant" than the Black Power Movement!!! Revolution Or Martial Law Revolution Or
hebrew b'yisrael
11:52 AM

The Showdown With Sharpton At The Sheraton

T- The Showdown With Sharpton At The Sheraton The Showdown With Sharpton At The Sheraton ...  Shalom from your humble servant and researcher, brother hebrew
hebrew b'yisrael
11:52 AM

Jesse Jackson back to his shake down games again in Silicon Valley /

IB, This is so pointless - firms that have under 100 folks and/or no direct gov't business are exempt. He's blowing smoke up the wrong ARZ! Jesse Jackson is
hebrew b'yisrael
11:52 AM

Black Pastors furious with Obama over gay marriage; Pastors rip Obam

T- Black Pastors furious with Obama over gay marriage; Pastors rip Obama over gay marriage Black Pastors furious with Obama over gay marriage; Pastors rip
hebrew b'yisrael
11:52 AM

Is Nibiru Planet X Collapsing Earths Magnetic Field ? - the hidden h

T- FEWER CHOICES, FEWER EMPLOYEES, AND HIGHER PREMIUMS & POORER CARE! Aetna to buy Humana for $37 billion, creating nation's No. 2 health insurer ... There are
hebrew b'yisrael
11:52 AM

Hot Greece - Bank runs & holiday // Puerto Rico is next // Louisian

IB, Let's see what Obama is going to do now? It's not just Greece: Twitterverse mulls #Prexit ... An unlikely economic event - the probability of two sovereign
hebrew b'yisrael
Jun 30

From Sodomy To Hell // JADE HELM 15 update!

T- From Sodomy To Hell - HE IS TIRED OF TURD EATERS! From Sodomy To Hell ...  https://youtu.be/d9ajfhdzDCM Heads Up! Concern In Texas Over FEMA Showing Up In
hebrew b'yisrael
Jun 30

Special Sunset today & Celestial Event // Update on Taiwan // Puerto

IB, Everyone please look up towards the Western Sky tonight - this star & planetary alignment of Jupiter, Venus, & Regulus has NOT been since over 2000 years
hebrew b'yisrael
Jun 30

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation: Advancement of Women in Sports

Good morning to all; I know the deadline has passed but bookmark this page for next year's applications & awards: The Floyd Mayweather Jr.
hebrew b'yisrael
Jun 29

TONIGHT: "Black World War II Soldiers Were Used As Human Guinea Pigs

Hello Everyone, TONIGHT: Listen to "The African History Network Show", (Special Day) Sunday, June 28th, 8:00pm-11pm EST (5:00pm-8pm PST) with host Michael
Michael Imhotep
Jun 29

Nawaoo NaijasInHouston MidWeek Live: ASA-USA; PIUS OKAFOR AND CHRIS

VOL. 67 Saturday: June 27, 2015By: Chief Eric Ndubueze Ufom Nawaoo NaijasInHouston  Weekend Live  ASA-USA. Dr. PIUS OKAFOR, Dr. CHRIS IKEANYI, Prof? Allison
Jun 27

Greek banks will not open come Monday - ATMs are bone dry - no physi

IB, RUN ON THE BANKS!http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-27/greek-officials-warn-some-banks-may-not-open-monday
hebrew b'yisrael
Jun 27

Summer Comedy Show/Cookout Photos/Exclusive Gala /FGCE Reunion Gala

Summer ComedyShow/Cookout  Photos/Exclusive Gala /FGCEReunion Gala!!  2015 ENUGU STATE REUNION COOKOUTPHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY RANGE
Harrison Nwozo
Jun 27
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