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Charles Ratton exhibition query

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  • John Monroe
    Dear Group – [I ve also posted this message to David Norden s group, in hopes of getting in touch with the widest possible audience...please accept my
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2006
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      Dear Group �

      [I've also posted this message to David Norden's group, in hopes of getting in
      touch with the widest possible audience...please accept my apologies for the
      redundance if you are a subscriber to both!]

      The University of Iowa Museum (home of the Stanley collection of African art)
      has asked me to put together an exhibition for them based on a research
      project I am beginning on early French collectors of African sculpture.

      My current thought is that the exhibition will focus on Charles Ratton, and
      his role in creating the norms of connoisseurship that continue to define
      Western perceptions of quality in African art today. I�ve been doing
      extensive archival research on his career, and on the market for African art
      during the interwar period (1919-1939) more generally, in preparation both for
      this exhibition and for a scholarly monograph.

      This leads me to my question: do any of you have pieces in your collections
      that passed through Ratton�s hands? If so, would you perhaps be willing to
      send me jpeg photos, with an eye towards possibly lending them for an
      exhibition? There will be a published catalogue, with essays and photographs;
      it�s quite possible that the exhibition will travel to other venues as well.
      As a historian, I�d be fascinated to see any correspondence you might have as

      Of course, replies don�t need to be to the group as a whole � feel free to
      email me privately as well, at jmonroe@....

      Thanks for your consideration,

      John Monroe
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