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Re: Ibibio-Anang doll

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  • Craig Lewis
    Hi Vero, I m glad you like my dolls,they are prettier than most things I collect so they re not my usual taste.However I really do love these dolls. Thanks
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 6, 2006
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      Hi Vero,
      I'm glad you like my dolls,they are "prettier" than most things I
      collect so they're not my usual taste.However I really do love these
      Thanks for all the extra information about puppets, there are some
      puppets I've seen that I really would love to have, but I haven't
      really seen any for sale anywhere.
      My interest in this type of doll and puppet is very recent, as I said
      before it was when I "discovered" a puppet in my local museum that
      they had mis-identified. I love the way these dolls and puppets are
      painted and I especially love the expression on the face of the first
      doll of mine that I posted.
      Thanks again,
      BTW Thanks again to Rand for doing a great job yet again with his web

      --- In African_Arts@yahoogroups.com, Veronique Martelliere
      <proximatribal@...> wrote:
      > Hello Craig !
      > I just took a look at the pictures and give your dolls ***** .
      Very good acquisitions, imho.
      > After browsing, I found out that they have an Anang accent (as
      you know, Anang communities are closed to the Ibibio's - with same
      beliefs & traditions).
      > The two last dolls, at the bottom of Rand's interesting page, are
      exactly the type of dolls I was refering to, that can still be found
      on juju markets today.
      > As to puppets, what I learnt until now is that they are Ekpe
      (masculine society) or Ekon (fem society), and have moveable arms -
      and some also have moveable legs and/or hinged jaw.
      > Here is a picture of an Ibibio-Anang doll, from the book "Three
      Rivers of Nigeria".
      > I will then send a picture of an Ekong puppet...
      > Cheers
      > Vero
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