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Artists and Patrons in Traditional African Cultures - for those of you who didn't get to see it!

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    Hi all, From April to September 2005 the exhibition “Artists and Patrons in Traditional African Cultures – African Sculpture from the Gary Schulze
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2005
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      Hi all,
      From April to September 2005 the exhibition “Artists and Patrons in Traditional African Cultures – African Sculpture from the Gary Schulze Collection” ran at the QCC Art Gallery in New York . I really wanted to make it to the exhibition and regretted that I never got the chance to see it.
      I had talked with Gary, who is a member of our discussion group, and inquired about how to purchase the exhibition catalog so I could at least get an idea of the collection. I did know that he owned the Sande mask that was photographed in the book “African Art in the Cycle of Life” by Christopher Roy, but other than that I had only heard very positive reviews of the collection and the exhibition and seen 2 or 3 photographs of objects in his collection. To see Lee's review of the exhibition you can click on the following link: "Artist sand Patrons Exhibition" NOT TO BE MISSED or see Message # 138 from May 16th in the message archives from the group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/African_Arts/message/138)
      I asked him if he had any photos of the installation of the exhibition, and once I saw them I thought it would be a great idea to make the images from the exhibition and the installation of the exhibition available online for everyone to enjoy, if they had seen the exhibition or not.
      With Gary ’s permission, I created a sort of online exhibition page with the images that he provided to me as well as some information from the catalog.
      There is a main page for the exhibition which provides links to:
      1)      Images and information from the exhibition catalog
      2)      Images taken of objects at the exhibition
      3)      Images of the exhibition installation at the QCC Art Gallery
      4)      I have also included a link to “Historic Postcards – The Gary Schulze Collection”
      The main page also contains the “Introduction” and the “Preface and Acknowledgements” from the catalog, as well as the write up on the exhibition in the NY Times called “Giving African Art and Example of What is Due”. I would suggest reading those 3 short articles before browsing through the photographs of the exhibition because it will give you a good background on the collection and how it was put together.
      I hope you will enjoy reading about the exhibition and viewing some of the photographs and information of some of the objects in the collection. Not everything is included on the web pages, but it gives you a good overall idea.
      Click on the link below to go to the main page for the exhibition on my website:

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