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Re: [African_Arts] 2 questions

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  • Rand African Art
    Sorry to post this in Lee s and my discussion group and David s, but the question was asked in both places and I ll send this response to both groups. Craig, I
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 28, 2005
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      Sorry to post this in Lee's and my discussion group and David's, but the question was asked in both places and I'll send this response to both groups.
      I found my references that had Ibibio puppets in them and I have created a page with the examples and information about them in the link below:
      You probably have come across it, but the Hamill Gallery in Boston has some examples on their website: http://www.hamillgallery.com/IBIBIO/IbibioPuppets/IbibioPuppets.html
      I hope that helps. Those were pretty much the only references I can recall that had Ibibio puppets in them. I can not access my auction database right now either, but if I come across others I will let you know.

      Rand African Art <rand@...> wrote:

      Hi Craig,


      I have some sources that have some Ibibio puppets documented in them. It will just take me a little bit to remember where, right now in my office at home I have auction catalogs and books stacked on the floor. I will get some images together for you hopefully today.


      As for the African collection at the American Museum of Natural History –


      Just got to their website www.amnh.org and in the search box type “african collection”. Choose the first link when the results come up.


      Or you can find a link to it on my website in my Favorite Links page - http://www.randafricanart.com/Favorite_Links.html


      Or just click here - http://anthro.amnh.org/anthropology/databases/africa_public/africa_public.htm




      Craig Lewis <craig_n_emma@...> wrote:
      Hi all, my 2 questions are:-
      1, does anyone have any good links to pictures of authentic Ibibio
      2, Does anyone have the link to the AMNH website where you can look
      through the African collection? I deleted it from my computer and can't
      find it again!

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