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  • ted.sturtz
    NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS resumes reviewers with expertise in African arts. Previous publishing a plus but NOT required if you ve got the background and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2010
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      NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS resumes reviewers with expertise in African arts. Previous publishing a plus but NOT required if you've got the background and natural reviewing skills. We aim to become the premier source – bar none – for professional, highly respected book reviews, with a large panel of credentialed reviewers critiquing more books than any existing book review. We are currently seeking individuals, whether published authors or not, whose writing/reviewing meets our professional standard. Non-authors must possess professional writing skills. Reviewers receive complimentary books ahead of publication. The reputation of this new venture is already underpinned by the unimpeachable intellect, insight, and expertise of our reviewers, along with a strong, credentialed byline. PLEASE REPLY ONLY BY EMAIL TO: nyjb@....

      We have already established relationships with literary publicists, agents, and editors at both major and smaller publishing houses who with great interest welcome our launch and are already vying for us to review upcoming releases. When we do accept or request a book for review, we highlight the name and byline of our reviewer to raise their profile with these key industry contacts.

      The current website is running as a beta. We are currently building out a permanent, unique, state-of-the-art website with extraordinary functionality to be filled with compelling content and an unparalleled online experience for readers selecting books. In the meantime, in the beta site does publish reviews of books that have been reviewed both extensively and minimally – if at all. We anticipate that our permanent site will enable visitors to easily navigate to a webpage highlighting all reviews by a favorite reviewer. Here we will include a link to a reviewer/author's website.

      We prefer to review books ahead of publication or very close to release. Reviewers all set their own pace for submitting reviews and never read a title they haven't selected or prefer to forego. In short it is a priority that each reviewer on our panel is enjoying themselves, not burdened and rushing to meet a deadline.

      We do not anticipate any material profit until the permanent site is completed and we fully commercialize. Only then will the Journal be in a position to compensate reviewers. We believe that most writers are underpaid for their work. It is our sincere hope and plan that the success of the New York Journal of Books will provide a source of supplementary income for all reviewers. At that point, compensation will be tiered so that those who publish ahead of commercialization will always be paid at some premium versus those who join when we are immediately able to compensate reviewers. This only seems fair to those who join us in our infancy without being compensated.

      Please email nyjb@... if interested. Please do not reply via LinkedIn (nor by a message submitted through this discussion group [Moderator's note]).

      Please also include all of the following:
      • Specific information that establishes your credentials as a reviewer for one or more genres/topics, including your publisher and/or names of publications where we may see your writing, including, of course, any experience reviewing books.
      • Genres/topics listed sequentially according to your preference (must tie to byline)
      • Proposed byline (name plus brief credentials)
      • A sample book review. We are pleased to review samples of your work delivered as an email attachment or via a link. Please indicate if you are a "self-published" author. (If you are invited to join our panel and your sample review has not been published elsewhere, we will likely professionally edit it
      • Frequency of reviews (whatever is a very comfortable pace for you, we know circumstances may also change)
      • Also please indicate whether you can read electronic books and which format(s), including pdf

      Ted Sturtz, Editor-in Chief, the New York Journal of Books
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