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Tribal Grass Fields Arts Collectors + Items For Sale At Our Folder

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        TRIBAL GRASS FIELDS ARTS                                          COLLECTORS   Greetings,       We are proud
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          TRIBAL GRASS FIELDS ARTS                       





          We are proud to introduce to you Tribal Grass Fields Tribal Arts Collectors from Cameroon .

       The Tribal Grass fields people whose culture has suffered from almost complete extinction, is been revived today through the hundreds of years old artefacts and material culture from the Northern Cameroon ; Mambila. Grass fields Cameroon ; Tikar, Tigono, Bafo. Central Grass fields; Bamun, Wum. Southern Grass fields, Bamileke, Baham, Babanki , Cameroon Highlands; Kom; Southern Forest; Duala

       Age is desirable, difficult to estimate and usually impossible to prove. An object with age that is also of fine quality is meaningfully rare. Understanding tribal art takes an open mind. The aesthetics that please a tribesman can be at odds with those we consider beautiful.

      There is no question that tribal Grass field African art from Cameroon is beautiful to behold, highly prized, and valuable in today’s society.


      Tribal Grass field’s masks can be traced back to well past Palaeolithic times. These art objects were, and are still made of various materials; included are leather, metal, fabric and various types of wood.

      Tribal Cameroon Grass field’s masks are considered amongst the finest creations in the art world and are highly sought after by art collectors. Many of the pieces some replica's, can be viewed in our museums and art galleries in many parts of the Cameroon . Masking ceremonies in this region of Africa have great cultural and traditional significance. Latest developments and understanding of Aesthetic principles, religious and ceremonial values, have brought about a greater insight into the ideas and moral values that Grass fields Tribal artists express in their art.



      Tribal Grass field’s African art from Cameroon in our collection is very ancient. They also played a highly important social and religious role in culture of The Grass Fields people. The art was both functional and religious and existed in a reality totally devoid of western man. Early contact with west came in the 16th Century, through missionaries in the Congo . For the most part, the art still remain mostly tribal. 


      During celebrations, initiations, crop harvesting, war preparation, peace and trouble times, Tribal Grass fields masks are worn by a chosen or initiated dancer. It can be worn in three different ways: vertically covering the face: as helmets, encasing the entire head, and as crest, resting upon the head, which was commonly covered by material as part of the disguise. Tribal Grass field’s masks often represent a spirit and it is strongly believed that the spirit of the ancestors possesses the wearer.




      Ritual ceremonies generally depict deities, spirits of ancestors, mythological beings, good and or evil, the dead, animal spirits, and other beings believed to have power over humanity. Masks of human ancestors or totem ancestors (beings or animals to which a clan or family traces its ancestry) are often objects of family pride; when they are regarded as the dwelling of the spirit they represent, the masks may be honoured with ceremonies and gifts.






      During the mask ceremony the dancer goes into deep trance, and during this state of mind he «communicates" with his ancestors. A wise man or translator sometimes accompanies the wearer of the mask during the ritual. The dancer brings forth messages of wisdom from his ancestors. Often the messages are grunted utterances and the translator will accurately decipher the meaning of the message. Rituals and ceremonies are always accompanied with song, dance and music, played with traditional African musical instruments.




      Art historians have identified Tribal Grass fields signature style in a corpus of nearly five hundred works. Their exceptional talents as master sculptors are well known within, and beyond, the region in which they worked. They are honoured by their contemporaries in the poetry of highly personal oral praise songs known as AKONGNWI. The Akongnwi is a celebration and form of tribute that both immortalizes artists and reflects the contemporary recognition they receive. In their Akongnwi, the Tribal Grass fields sculptors are described as


      "Those who carve the hard wood of the iroko tree as though it were as soft as a calabash." The extensive poem also lists some of the numerous palaces their work can be found


      Tribal Grass Fields Art is, above all else, a personal experience. No other art gets as close to us, becoming in many cases, a "one to one" relationship that you'll enjoy for many years to come. The quality of a piece of our artwork is a composite value, determined by the rating of all other appropriate evaluation factors plus the individual’s sense of qualitative worth.


      Tribal Grass fields Arts feature works made in the early 20th century or earlier for ritual or ceremonial use within the traditional cultures of the Tribal Grass Field people in Cameroon in sub-Saharan Africa including masks, figurative sculpture, architectural fragments, amulets and jewellery, ancient metal work, and functional objects such as furniture, and wooden vessels, staffs, and traditional weapons. We are constantly bringing more pieces into the gallery and are able to locate almost any ethnographic piece a collector or design professional may be looking for. The gallery has been in existence for more than twenty years.


      The market for the Tribal Grass Fields Arts is international Featuring over 25 000 lots drawn from a variety of private owners and particularly many old Western Grassland collection, the offerings will include a range of ceremonial and prestige objects from Central Africa accompanied by a selection of Grass field weaponry.


      In Tribal Grass fields Art, figures on horseback usually represent kings, warriors, and hunters. In this representation, a mounted warrior carries the tools of his profession, namely a spear in his left hand and a pistol in his right. The warrior's head is emphasized with prominent eyes and beard. Features such as the warrior's vest, the saddle, and the muzzle of the diminutive horse are articulated through a deeply carved and textured surface of linear motifs. While the top portion of the composition is compressed, the bottom half creates a greater feeling of openness. The lower tier features three figures—a female figure flanked by two male porters carrying containers that appear to be gunpowder barrels. All three figures in this lower passage repeat the same gesture of raised arms supporting a load that rests on the crown of the head. This juxtaposition of levels is further accentuated by the manner in which they are aligned.


      We exhibit works of the most celebrated Grass field sculptors of the past century. Admired as innovators in both Tribal Grass field Arts tradition and the West, our sculptures produced works that embrace classic forms and dynamic compositions that convey the illusion of movement.




       If you are interested in dealing with Arts craft from Cameroon , we will be pleased to receive inquiries from you.

      We look forward to receiving mails from you.




      Ngassa F.N.

      Tribal Grass Field Tribal Arts Collector

      West Regional Office



           Tel: 00 (237) 79 456 533









      "As Tribal Grass Fields Arts collectors, we can offer this advice: buy the best that you can afford rather than look for bargains. There's no point in accumulating lesser quality works." Mort Dimondstein


      Always remember that good dealers regularly have unfortunate experiences with bad buyers. Developing a trusting relationship requires clarity, consistency and courtesy on both sides. Good dealers value good buyers. The final decision to purchase a piece is yours and yours alone but TIKARI TRIBAL ARTS can provide additional information, perspectives and judgements that you might not have taken into consideration.

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