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Re: [African_Arts] re: »Ethiopian antique furn iture

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  • Veronique Martelliere
    Hello ! In Aethiopia, Objets d Ethiopie edited by the Musée Royal de L Afrique Centrale Tervuren, Belgium - - vol 151 - exhibition  March-September 1996
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      Hello !
      In "Aethiopia, Objets d'Ethiopie"
      edited by the Musée Royal de L'Afrique Centrale Tervuren, Belgium -
      - vol 151 - exhibition  March-September 1996 -142 pages - 421 illustrations of objects,
      you will find lots of headrests and stools & exactly 4 Jimma chairs which belong to the Ghysels Collection.
      I can scan you some pages if you do not find this book and if you like.

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      I cannot identify any comprehensive resources on cultural attributions for Ethiopian chairs and stools, although there is a varied selection (Oromo, Gambella, Hamer [Hamar?, Konso, Hafar, Jimma and Gurage],  which can be viewed at this web-site, through which you may be able to query additional references upon which the attributions included there are based.  A Gurage stool, and two chairs (one tentatively attributed to the Galla) can also be found on pages 162, 165-6 in Sandro Bocola's African Seats (London, New York, Munich:  Prestel, 2002).  Although focusing particularly on contemporary production, Michigan State University's "Ethiopian Material Culture Collection" and Raymond Silverman's Ethiopia:  Traditions of Creativity (Seattle:  University of Washington Press, 1999) may provide links to additional resources to investigate the topic further.


      On Apr 18, 2009, at 2:13 PM, maktogoek wrote:

      Greeting to all,

      I am looking for people who are familiar with Ethiopian antique furniture. I am looking for actual names of objects and or ethnic groups who used them.



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