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Re: [African_Arts] Aimé Césaire (1913-2008)

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  • Mo Okdg
    Thanks, Lee, for posting this important notice. Moyo
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 18, 2008
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      Thanks, Lee, for posting this important notice.


      --- Lee Rubinstein <LeeRubinstein@...> wrote:

      > "I have a different idea of a universal... It is of
      > a universal rich
      > with all that is particular, rich with all the
      > particulars there are,
      > the deepening of each particular, the coexistence of
      > them all." --
      > Aimé Césaire
      > Aimé Césaire, the influential
      > thinker-poet-politician who helped to
      > formulate and inspire the 20th century Negritude
      > movement as idea and
      > reality has died. See "Farewell to Aimé Césaire,
      > bard of black
      > consciousness" (and in French). Also, click on
      > "Portrait" on the
      > page for a brief video about the life and
      > contributions of Aimé
      > Césaire. Other links:
      > "Honouring Césaire, the poet and politician." (and
      > in French)
      > Obituary in English only from The Times (UK): "Aimé
      > Césaire..."
      > List of selected works by Aimé Césaire.
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