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Re: [African_Arts] Three Unidentified Objects

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  • Veronique Martelliere
    Merci beaucoup, Lee, for your illustrated, accurate and argumented answers to the question. You are an oasis of knowledge !! Thanks again, Lee Lee Rubinstein
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 15, 2008
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      Merci beaucoup, Lee, for your illustrated, accurate and argumented answers to the question. You are an oasis of knowledge !!
      Thanks again, Lee 

      Lee Rubinstein <LeeRubinstein@...> wrote:
      Hi, Vero:

      I'm not quite sure what I am seeing in the first image you posted,
      but I am inclined to think the neck-rest shown in the second image
      might likely be Tsonga or Lozi/Barotse. Although the animals
      depicted vary in the comparable objects I come across, the neck rest
      in the image you provided bears the most resemblance to a neck rest
      that appears on p. 109 (Figure 51) in The Art of Southeast Africa
      (Milano: 5 Continents Editions. 2002) -- a neck rest which displays
      a supporting animal figure with the same squared limbs as "yours"
      which other comparable examples don't generally exhibit. Other
      similar examples (of neck rests or other objects with animals
      portrayed) have more rounded features such as the ones pictured below.

      The AMNH has a number of appuie-tetes or head/neckrests from the
      Zambian Lozi that bear a resemblance, although in each case below the
      animal is more rounded but the rest itself more squared than the
      object you presented. Also worthy of note is the fact that only the
      first of these five has the limbs which resolve right into the base
      as do the feet of the animal figure on the object you presented. The
      other four have articulated feet.


      Also, for comparison, here from Quai Branly are an appuie-tete
      attributed to Tsonga of Mozambique and an urn with animal figure on
      the lid:

      Quai Branly Cat. Nos. 71.1890.65.11 & 73.1999.29.7

      At the MEG there is a comb (ETHAF 044628) attributed to the Rotse, or
      Lozi, in Zambia that includes an animal figure and again displays the
      squared limbs and feet which resolve into the base plane, The
      figural elements of this piece seem to share a level of abstraction
      with the figure on the rest which you queried although other Lozi/
      Rotse objects with figural elements do display greater refinement and
      more roundedness :

      With regard to the third object, presumably a Hemba or Hemba-related
      figure, I am guessing the image may display one side of a double-
      sided kabeja figure. Pursuant to Paul's commentary, I provide an
      image from MEG of a janus figure from the Kongolo region, one of
      areas to which Paul referred as a possible geographical source.

      Or in spite of noticeable stylistic differences, perhaps its form
      could be compared with that of this Kasongo kakudji from the Tomkins
      collection (http://www.tomkinscollection.org/static/object_132.html):


      On Feb 21, 2008, at 10:26 AM, Veronique Martelliere wrote:

      > Bonjour to all !
      > Saw in magazines these 3 objects (mask, stool & figure - figure on
      > the right side of the page) and can't identify them. Can you help me ?
      > Thank You for your attention and help..
      > Have a nice day !
      > Vero.

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