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Re: [African_Arts] Wood Carvings.. African??

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  • Ed Jones
    Tonya, you would be amazed at the skill and speed carvings like these can be made. By the way, if oak wood is actually used, this would probably be a good
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      Tonya, you would be amazed at the skill and "speed" carvings like these can be made.  By the way,  if oak wood is actually used, this would probably be a good indication that they may not have actually been carved in Africa.

      KARErescue@... wrote:
      Thanks for the info Ed. :)  I had picked these up at a yard sale and have them on ebay, but they are such gorgeous carvings I was dying to know where they may have come from.  Someone put a LOT of work into them. :)


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      Hello Tonya.
      I think these are market carvings without any specific attributions.  Additionally, they may have been carved in Africa or perhaps, Indonesia.  It is difficult to determine.
      All the best.

      KARErescue <KARErescue@aol. com> wrote:
      I have two large carvings done on wood, I think it's oak. They are about 33" tall. I am trying to find information on what "type" of carving they are, or where they came from. :) I was thinking possibly African, possibly Haitian. The pics are listed in the photo database of this list, under my screen name, KARErescue:
      http://ph.groups. yahoo.com/ group/African_ Arts/photos/ browse/da04.

      If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on what these are, please let me know.

      Thanks!! :D


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