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Re: [African_Arts] Re : Senufo Kpelie

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  • Veronique Martelliere
    Thank You, W8s ! I can t decide if something is rare or not. I leave that to professionals expertise. The thing is that the Kpelie masks that I have seen until
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      Thank You, W8s !
       I can't decide if something is rare or not. I leave that to professionals'expertise.
      The thing is that the Kpelie masks that I have seen until now seem to me more flat (flatter ?) than this one.. which is maybe a fake but which I would nevertheless  find interesting to compare with other ones of the same shape.
      It's a pity (for me) that you do not have any photos of the masks you mention !
      Meanwhile, I have visited your site with interest.

      sanibelart@... wrote:
      Methinks this is a fairly common kpelie style. It certainly is similar to many that I have seen and some that I have owned. Not identical. But stylistically very similar.


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      From: Veronique Martelliere <proximatribal@ yahoo.com>
      > Bonjour Rand,
      > Would like to show you this unusual Kpelie mask which comes from the Senufo
      > community of Burkina Faso (Ferkessedougou) ..
      > It's a mask used for celebrating ceremonies. (I will probably think of using
      > it for celebrating the book I won on last month draw - Thank You, Rand !)
      > If someone has or has seen another Burkinabe Kpelie mask of this type, I would
      > like to see it for comparison.
      > Thank You !
      > Cheers
      > Vero
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