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Re: African Art collectors in Atlanta area?

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  • Bill Marsh
    ... Lee, Hi Guys, Thank you for the information. Talked with Ms. Sidney Kasfir today. She just returned from Kenya and is heading out to Florida tomorrow for
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      --- In African_Arts@yahoogroups.com, Lee Rubinstein
      <LeeRubinstein@...> wrote:
      > Bill:
      > Any of these three Atlanta area museums would likely be able to put
      > you in contact with relevant resources in the area:
      > High Museum of Art (Also see 2003 article on most recent
      > contributions from primary donors Fred and Rita Richman.)
      > Carlos Museum at Emory University. Also, I believe that Sidney
      > Littlefield Kasfir* is still on the Faculty at Emory as well. Among
      > other notable credits, she is the author of the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
      > article, “African Art and Authenticity: A Text with A
      > Shadow.” (This article, originally published in African Arts,
      > Volume 25, No. 2. April, 1992, pp. 40-53, 96-97.) is also included in
      > the 1999 collection of essays from MIT Press, Reading the
      > Contemporary: African Art from Theory to the Marketplace edited by
      > Olu Oguibe and Okwui Enwezor, pp. 88-113).
      > Significant excerpts -- with page #'s from the Oguibe-Enwezor
      > collection include:
      > "…who creates meaning for African art? It is difficult not to
      > conclude that it is largely Western curators, collectors and critics
      > (whose knowledge, we will see, is deftly mediated by entrepreneurial
      > African traders along the way) rather than the cultures and artists
      > who produce it. This is not to suggest that the original work
      > possesses no intentionality. It is fully endowed with intention by
      > its creator as well as by its patrons. But the successive meanings
      > an object is given are fluid and negotiable, fragile and fully
      > capable of erasure as it passes from hand to hand and ultimately into
      > a foreign collection.” (p. 98.)
      > “Every collected mask or figure is defined and given boundaries by
      > its surroundings: the village shrine house…the traders kiosk in an
      > African city…the Madison Avenue gallery [where it is put through
      > the ‘quality’ sieve and aestheticised with other ‘quality’
      > objects], and finally the home of the wealthy collector…Taken in
      > sequence, the definitions overlap at least somewhat, but between the
      > first and last there is an almost total reinvention of how and what
      > the object signifies.” (p. 99.)
      > Spelman College Museum of Art -- which is currently featuring
      > "Highlights from the Mabel Smyth Collection of African Art, curated
      > by Karla Dennis"
      > Source: http://www.arthistory.emory.edu/faculty/kasfir.htm
      > Lee


      Hi Guys,

      Thank you for the information.

      Talked with Ms. Sidney Kasfir today. She just returned from Kenya and
      is heading out to Florida tomorrow for the 14th Triennial Symposium on
      African Art. Delightful woman. Has a home near me. I will try to find
      the article Lee suggested.

      She apparently lives in Kenya, but travels here sometimes. I hope to
      be able to meet with her before she returns to Kenya at the end of April.

      I will also check with your recomendation at Spelman College. It is
      quite near me as well. There is a talk there tomorrow, but on
      contemporary African art which interests me less.

      My wife, Anne and I are really enjoying getting to know the African
      arts community.

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