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Re: [African_Arts] Yombe statue?

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  • Ed Jones
    Greetings again Wendy. Thanks for the first-hand field advice ... you echo much of the same sentiments of a dear friend of ours (from Tasmania, AU). She
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      Greetings again Wendy.
      Thanks for the "first-hand field" advice ... you echo much of the same sentiments of a dear friend of ours (from Tasmania, AU).   She frequently travels to many regions of Africa ... 
      I totally agree with you, this arena is an EXPECTIONAL learning resource, thanks to passionate people (yourself, Steve Price, etc).
      The flip side, where there is good deeds, bad deeds will also surface. 

      zawadi toto <zawadi4me@...> wrote:
      Hi Sean,

      The markets here in Senegal, are full of statues like
      yours, I too have several, basically they sell here
      for between $20-$30 for the 14inch size up to $120 for
      a really big one, in the artisonal market downtown,
      and even cheaper in the markets over in Mali, I agree
      with Ed, nothing here seems to be that old
      anymore..... .but gee I enjoy trying to find them....

      And I thank you Lee and Rand, those links are really
      great reading, I love learning about the history
      behind these fetish figures, I must admit though I
      have seen a big increase in the volume of them for
      sale here..

      Cheers, Wendy

      But they Salesmen are great storytellers
      --- Ed Jones <bucit@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > Hello Sean.
      > Others can give you rather explicit detail about
      > this nail fetish (talisman of sort), used to defray
      > evil and mal-deeds in general. I think they also
      > might range in various sizes for personal and
      > village uses. I like them very much, but think the
      > market is overwhelmed with these items ... I hope
      > you don't mind me stating, there is something
      > peculiar about the head on this one. It appears to
      > be inconsistent with the body. I really do not
      > think there is much coming out of Africa much older
      > than 50-60 years at best (if age is of interest to
      > you). I have accepted that principle a while ago
      > --- part of dealing in reality. The "old and
      > genuine stuff id long gone with private collectors
      > with early pioneers and colonists.
      > Anyway, a tid-bit of info to offer --- certainly,
      > I am not that knowledgeable. I have one that I am
      > certain might also be a "market" for collectors
      > fetish. I will be happy to you a pic of mine if you
      > like (send email).
      > Regards,
      > Ed
      > seandocherty2005 <seandocherty2005@ yahoo.co. uk>
      > wrote:
      > Dear collectors,
      > I have added some photos of a yombe statue in the
      > link below, can
      > anyone give me any further information on this
      > piece?
      http://ph.groups. yahoo.com/ group/African_ Arts/photos/ view/6636? b=6&m=s&o= 0
      > Thanks,
      > Sean
      > www.theebonytree. com
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