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  • Rand African Art
    Welcome! Today is the kick off day for the new African Arts and Culture discussion group! Please take the time to read the description of the group by clicking
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      Today is the kick off day for the new African Arts and Culture discussion group!


      Please take the time to read the description of the group by clicking on the �HOME� link in the group, it explains the philosophy behind the group and what our goals are.


      Feel free to post an introduction to the group with a little background on yourself, and what your main collecting interests are. If you have a question about an item in your collection, you can also upload a picture of it in the photos section of the group and send an email to the group with your question.


      I want this group to be a place where everyone will feel comfortable posting images and asking questions as well as sharing knowledge.


      New groups such as this take a little while to get rolling, but I am confident than in no time at all we will have quite a few new members and be on the road to developing a great place where all levels of African art collectors can converge and ask questions, share knowledge and learn.


      I personally want to make this discussion group an educational and interactive place for all African art collectors in the world. My personal goal in the formation of this new group is to help educate people and expose them to new, or possibly different, points of view on a wide range of topics surrounding African Art. I want to help others to learn to look objectively at a piece and to be able to learn what is good and bad about a piece. This is something I am constantly learning about, and I like to share my experiences and what I learn with others and I hope that many of you will do the same. Part of learning about authenticity is learning about reproductions, and although I do not want to focus on reproductions, I do want to make people aware of them. I do not wish for this group to focus only on old and authentic pieces either, I would like for it to be inclusive of all ranges of items.


      I have been collecting African art, and learning about it, for a little over 4 years now so I am still fairly new to it all. I am not an expert, nor am I an anthropologist and I do not have a formal background in African art or history. What I do posses is a great passion for African art, and the people and culture behind it. I am learning as I go� and I�m having a great time doing it! African art has opened up a whole new world for me in the last 4 years, and my website that I launched in January of 2004 has been a window into my collecting passion, and through it I have established many friendships with other collectors all around the world.


      You can also find a little more about me on my website on my About Me page on my site: http://www.randafricanart.com/ME.html


      Later today Lee Rubenstein will be introducing our opening topic for discussion:


      A Conversation about the film: �FANG � An Epic Journey�

      Produced and edited by Susan Vogel

      Round table discussion held in New York, 2000.


      I hope that everyone will enjoy the material as much as I have.




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