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Re: Bundy Museum

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  • Jan De Clerck
    Shows resemblance to me with the Pierre Hallet collection... Only at least estimates are more on the realistic (but still...) side here. But ok as Lee points
    Message 1 of 3 , May 5, 2006
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      Shows resemblance to me with the Pierre Hallet collection...
      Only at least estimates are more on the realistic (but still...) side
      here. But ok as Lee points out for the Bwa mask for example, they
      clearly state 'never been worn'. Although I'm not sure who's going to
      pay 1250$ for a 'not-worn' mid century mask...
      I must say that the more I look into what goes around in african arts
      nowadays the more I observe that new-ish, not-worn even style
      incoherent and clear made-to-copy pieces go higher and higher prices.
      As I cannot imagine all these are just scam tries, I suppose there is
      a growing market for this kind of material. As simple as that. This
      could lead to different conclusions and different personal judgements
      off course. But the pure observation seems quite obvious to me.


      Come on Jan, back to work now :-)


      --- In African_Arts@yahoogroups.com, "ari birnbaum" <a312@...> wrote:
      > Lee,
      > I agree...
      > That why i send the article...
      > I don;t know how could they claim that"Each piece has been
      inspected,is guaranteed authentic,and is accompanied with
      > Certificate of Authenticity....
      > Ari
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      > Ari:
      > Thanks for forwarding the link to the unusual "exhibition" and
      sale at the Bundy Museum in Binghamton, NY. The house is interesting
      historically as the birth-place of the company which "ultimately was
      transformed into International Business Machines â€" IBM..." I find
      it worth noting, however, that there is no introduction identifying
      and explaining the origin of "the collection" of African works housed
      in the basement of a restored home that houses a historical clock
      collection. Nor are there any names presented of the "gallery
      experts" who have inspected the objects and who will provide the
      mentioned Certificates of Authenticity promised with each African
      object. In all fairness, though, it does not seem that the site
      makes any absurd claims, although issues of value could be
      debated...or calmly discussed. (One description of a mask priced at
      $1250, however, is this: "A very nice mid-20th century plank mask
      used in agricultural ritual by the Bwa people of Burkina Faso in
      Africa. Never been worn."[Emphasis obviously mine.])
      > I am in support of endeavors which seek to make accessible works
      from African traditions, especially in areas where such access is
      limited or otherwise absent. While it is indeed possible that the
      collection is supported by documentation not in evidence on the site,
      a perusal of the works exhibited (and priced) suggests that the
      general quality and significance of works on display is on a par with
      works currently being created in workshop settings and offered in
      many shops and sites around the world. Since Binghamton is not
      entirely out of the geographical range which I can cover in a day,
      perhaps I will have an opportunity to look and investigate more
      > Lee
      > Lee
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