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This is just what I was looking for..Some Introductory Links...

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    Jason: All of your assumptions appear to be correct. Here are some nice links in case you want to explore some more... The horizontal plank mask that you
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2006
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      All of your assumptions appear to be correct.  Here are some nice links in case you want to explore some more...
      The horizontal plank mask that you posted does indeed appear to be from among the Bwa (Boua or Bobo-Fing) people of Burkina Faso although I can't say which animal is represented by this particular mask.  For a very complete and fascinating article on "The Art of Burkina Faso" by Christopher Roy, find it on the University of Iowa "Art and Life in Africa" site (Excellent site!!!) at this link:
      The second image is of a mask from the Southern Kuba or Kete peoples.  See this link for a mask and some information about the particular stylistics associated with Southern Kuba and/or Kete, masks:  http://www.remnantsofritual.com/gallery/090.html .  I will search for more specific data soon...
      Finally, below are some images of Tuareg daggers, swords and scabbards from the American Museum of Natural History in New York.  The first images is, I think, particularly interesting for the structural similarity of its handle to the three-pronged handle on your sword.  The second image helps to illustrate the common coloration of the hide embellishment -- particularly the turquoise -- which is commonly found on various leather-worked Tuareg items.
      Just in case the images below drop out in transit, go to http://anthro.amnh.org/anthropology/databases/africa_public/africa_public.htm and scroll down the culture list to Tuareg and enter sword on the object line...  Lee
      DAGGER/SHEATH [90.2/ 1291 AB]
      Culture:TUAT(TOUAT), TUAREG?
      Acquisition Year:1954
      SWORD/SHEATH [90.2/ 4799 AB]
      Country:SENEGAL?, MALI?
      Acquisition Year:1964
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