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Re: pygmee bid 500 euro's

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  • Junaid Gamieldien, PhD
    ... Its a pleasure. I am only relaying what I have been told, and I am glad to be able to contribute for once ;) ... Yes, I understand your concern. I realized
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      --- In African_Arts@yahoogroups.com, "leerubinstein" <LRubinstein@...> wrote:
      > Junaid:
      > Thanks for sharing the images and especially for the information
      > regarding what you have learned about the "Pygmy" figural stools. The
      > explanation and attribution you have provided seem to me the most
      > feasible accounting for these figures.

      Its a pleasure. I am only relaying what I have been told, and I am glad to be able to
      contribute for once ;)

      > Now, on another topic...you mention a "HUGE" Benin plaque that has
      > caught your interest. I am struck by the dimensions that you indicate
      > (1.3m x 1.3m). Most of the examples cited in the relevant literature
      > rarely achieve or exceed about half of that size; most documented
      > Benin plaques range from roughly 42 to 51 cm in their outer
      > dimensions. Of course, the quantity of modern reproductions is
      > considerable and the quality in some cases very fine. However, I do
      > not come across any historical examples that approach the dimensions of
      > the plaque you describe.

      Yes, I understand your concern. I realized that the proportions suggest that it is a
      reproduction, but the quality is such that it really caught my interest - not any visible trace
      of solder, the high relief, very distinct and clear carvings. Also a dark patina that suggests
      that it is probably not very young, even though it is probably 20th century. Certainly a
      work of art, in my humble opinion. I have convinced myself (for now) that it probably
      wasn't made as an intentional *fake*.

      That said, I do have an obsession with bronzes and have a number in my collection, many
      being very large objects of the lost-wax type, including several Benin bronze oba's and
      Bamoun ancestor figures measuring 80-90cm in height and many Ife heads (too many)
      measuring 40-45cm in height. There are many redundancies and I will be letting many of
      them go. My collection is 1-dimensional due to this bronze obsession and I really need to
      start diversifying.

      To be honest, I have gone for the bronzes because I am still too easily fooled by fakes in
      other mediums like wood and beadwork. Most of these type that I have in my collection
      (that I'm convinced are authentic) don't really do anything for me. I know what I like, but
      I'm just a bit hesitant to spend the money for fear of buying lemons...

      So, that huge plaque will have my attention for a while :) I will ask the owner if I can
      photograph it and then post it here for comments, before I go spending my newly freed up


      > Lee
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