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92Re: [African_Arts] painted masks

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  • merrill flam
    Apr 5, 2005
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      Hi Bob,
      I was wondering how much is this mask?  And if you know approximate age?

      bobbold2000 <bob.ibold@...> wrote:

      Hi Everybody,

      April 10th will be the end of "Paint," a show of African art at the
      Hamill Gallery in Boston. You can still see it on the net by going to

      I was thrilled by "Paint" because it reassured me that folk art is
      alive and continuing to evolve in Africa. Many of the pieces on
      display, especially the masks, are the kinds of objects I try to
      collect for myself.

      Some of my masks have been uploaded to the photo folder titled
      "Ibold."  Please take a look at them and feel free to comment or ask

      If you share my enthusiasm for modern, brightly colored items, by all
      means let me know. It's lonely out there in the world of muted earth
      tones and old patinas.

      Bob Ibold

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