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664Re: Why the Passion? Why African art?

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  • Steve Price
    Nov 1, 2005
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      Hi Moyo

      I know when and why I became interested in African art. That's easy.
      My wife and I have had a long love affair with Asian art, especially
      textiles, and have collected them for years. In 1991 we learned that
      an African American infant would become our son. My wife and I
      decided very quickly that it would be good for him to grow up with
      African art along with the Asian things that were in our home, so we
      began looking for African tribal art.

      We came upon a woman who had collected a number of pieces prior to
      World War II, and she was retiring and selling all of her goods. We
      bought her African collection (all old, some authentic, some old
      tourist stuff), and were hooked from then on.

      What makes us passionate about it? I could more easily tell you why I
      love my wife or why we love our son than explain why I am attracted to
      African art. It certainly is not the same thing for every piece, and
      I think it's a mistake to try to generalize the question. Ask what I
      love about any individual piece, and I can tell you with no trouble.


      Steve Price

      --- In African_Arts@yahoogroups.com, Mo Okdg <okdg@p...> wrote:
      > Dear group:
      > I have received very great responses to my question. But I have not
      received enough. As a matter of fact, the responses have given me an
      idea: to put together a small book on the patronage of African art to
      accompany my gallery presentation at the museum. But I have received
      less than ten responses, and I need much more to fill a book. So
      please keep sending your entry.
      > Moyo Okediji
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