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  • hugodeboom@ymail.com
    Feb 18, 2013
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      Yes, maybe Tshokwe.But I've never seen this before and cannot find it in my books.

      It is collected +-1930 by someone who lived and worked in Katanga. You see the head (on both sides a face): up two bullets - foto4 - And 2 holes where were also bullets I think. Mouth: on one side there remain two tooths.
      Under (the 'neck') you see a kind of pin, I think horn. The head is very hard, but not stone or ceramic (maybe some kind of resin yes???) and +- heavy.
      As you can see the pin is realy sharp, like it needs to be sticked somewhere.

      Thx, kindest regards


      --- In African_Arts@yahoogroups.com, Paul DeLucco <pauldelucco@...> wrote:
      > Hugo,
      > Is this made of resin? If so, it could be a Tshokwe power object. The horn is normally concealed by animal skin. The resin figure is studded with beads and very small horns filled with cult material. I don't believe the Luba used objects made of resin. 
      > -Paul
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      > Subject: [African_Arts] luba (?)
      > Is there anyone who knows where I can find some information about this
      > strange luba object
      > thx
      > hugo
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