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6142Re: African Tribal Statuary i would like more info on!

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  • Ronald
    Feb 13 1:44 PM
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      With help from staff I got pics posted for everyone's review. My best guess is that these were for tourists but I Dont know.

      Thanks for any info in advance.
      Ronald Michael Koon

      --- In African_Arts@yahoogroups.com, "Ronald" wrote:
      > Hi Group,
      > My name is Mike and I am a collector of various art and other historical artifacts. I recently ran across two African tribal carved man and women from what apears to be ebony. The couple stands about 36 and 44 inches for the women and the man respectively. I dont know if this falls under African Tribal Skinny Art from Malawi or if it is consistant with another region. Also I am wondering if you could say if these were made for tourists, or actual tribal use, and of what age might they be. Finally, what value would you place on the these two pieces, round about, not holding any one to any thing, just an idea?
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/African_Arts/photos/album/54763241/pic/list
      > Thank You in advance for any and all input.
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