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  • GARYGLS2000@aol.com
    Nov 20, 2012
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      . It is indeed African and its definitely from Ghana, most likely Ashanti. I've seen very large goldweights similar to this one and they're quite rare.
      In a message dated 11/21/2012 12:12:50 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, jamo1987@... writes:

      I have a Sculpture/figure, this object is older than me but true age is unknown, at first guesses we believed it to be of African origin.

      My father dug this up in a family garden in Guyana 25+ years ago.

      The British museum have recently replied confirming our object may well indeed be of African origin, and is a good example of what may be large goldweight almost certainly made in Ghana by the Fante or Asante and depicts a chief being carried in a palanquin surrounded by attendants and musicians. It is similar in form to other goldweights which show activities such as drumming or trading which date from 1700-1900 AD.

      I do not know its true value but are open to selling it, could you point us in the right direction or could this be an object in which you would be interested in? The British Museum have stated their intent on me bringing the object into them with the possibility of them making me an offer and purchasing it. I would like to get more than one opinion.


      Kind regards

      James Harrison Sears

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