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4530Looking for advice on how/where to sell a unique african sculpture

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  • wernerbronkhorst
    Jan 29, 2010
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      Hi All

      I am a new member. I am looking information on how to sell a unique carved African Elephant or to be pointed in the right direction.

      The sculpture is called "Oupoot - Grandfather of the African bush". It was carved by well known artist from Zimbabwe called Martin Makwambe. The sculpture was done in honour of the book "Circles in the Forest" by Daleen Mathee who sadly passed away not too long ago. The sculpture is roughly 20 years old, weighs about 25KG and is quite large. I will be more than happy to supply photos and more information on the sculpture.

      You help and advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I am moving back to South Africa mid March and I am not shipping goods back.

      Thank You in Advance
      Werner Bronkhorst