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394Re: Mystery mask

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  • bobbold2000
    Jul 27, 2005
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      Hi Steve,
      I'm afraid your mask is indeed a mystery. I waited this long to answer
      because, quite frankly, I couldn't even come up with a good guess.
      This is especially embarrassing to me because I'm supposed to be a
      generalist who deals in masks from all over the world.
      Sorry, Bob

      --- In African_Arts@yahoogroups.com, "Steven Kelvin" <stkelvin1@y...>
      > Hello everybody!
      > I'm new, so please don't laugh if my question seems silly.
      > I've got this mask and I can't work out where it's from and it's
      starting to really bug me.
      > I've looked through a dozen books. I don't think it's very old. I
      don't think it's even African,
      > to tell the truth (tho I did, at first). I'm now wondering if it's
      not from Oceania, or Asia
      > (Indonesia?)..........
      > So, any help.....
      > Keep up the good work. I think you guys are awesome, how did you
      learn to know so
      > much? How do you even start?!!!
      > Steve "Newbie but ready to learn!"
      > Ps: The photo of the mask has been placed in a folder called "Steve
      Kelvin's mask" in the PHOTOS section of the group.
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