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  • Steve Price
    Jul 30, 2008
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      Another reason many prices are unlisted is that it forces the
      potential buyer to initiate contact with the seller. This gives the
      seller contact information (to add to a mailing list for the seller's
      own use and that can also be sold), and it allows the seller to
      exercise some salesmanship through direct interaction with the
      buyer. Also, the seller can learn a lot about the buyer (his range
      of buying prices, the kinds of objects he prefers, etc.) and may wind
      up selling something other than the object of inquiry. "Oh, I
      understand that the price exceeds your budget. I have a similar
      object from the neighboring tribe that just came in yesterday, and
      can give you a very good price on it if I can move it along right

      Steve Price

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      > Usually it is the higher prices that are not published.
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      > Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008 10:15:30 AM
      > Subject: [African_Arts] price upon request
      > Why do online dealers make you ask for the price of some objects
      and not others?
      > Do I need a special code or online handshake to obtain the prices?
      > Why can't I get them?
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