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3305Re: [African_Arts] A mask in question!

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  • jp estrampes
    Jul 15, 2008
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      your mask is idoma, you have the same type in Kerchache l'art africain ed.Mazenot. A beautiful example with the same hair waves is in the Seattle Museum (from Katerine White collection). The example below, (my collection) has igbo influences comb hair construction. Also glass insert on cheeks and eyes. I am sorry to say that but yours looks bulky to be ancient and genuine. 

      Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 3:33 AM
      Subject: [African_Arts] A mask in question!

      Hey Folks.

      I have a mask here that keeps me guessing as to its origin.
      I thought that maybe the experts could help out here. Actually I
      should'nt say experts but anyone with a bit of info on this piece. I
      have several pieces in my collection that keep me guessing , but this
      piece always draws my attention. It is not a big mask at all. The
      size is slightly under 10" tall , 9" deep , 9" wide. I have often
      thought that it is Igbo but there are a few things that make me think
      not also. First off its size seems small for the Igbo pieces I've
      seen. Secondly there is glass embeded in the eyes. I havent seen this
      in Igbo pieces. I would love to hear some ideas on this piece. I dont
      know if it is new or old , all I can say is that I have had it for
      about 10 years and the lady I got it from had it for about 14 years
      before me. She got it at an antique shop and knew I collected and
      gave it to me. Said it belonged with other pieces of african art.

      The piece in question is in the photo albums under "A igbo?" :
      http://ph.groups. yahoo.com/ group/African_ Arts/photos/ browse/dda6

      Have a look and throw your ideas out there please. Is it Igbo? Is
      it something else? New? Old? Glass eyes in Igbo? Small Igbo? Modern
      mixed culters?

      Thanks in advance for any and all opinions.

      Hope your next find is a true treasure, Kevin.

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