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  • Paul De Lucco
    Aug 10, 2007
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      I have posted the photos in the TETELA photo album.  I should not have hastily stated they were from the same atelier.  They do, however, bear a remarkable stylistic resemblance to each other and I thought it would be interesting to see the photos together.
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      Sent: Friday, August 10, 2007 2:48 PM
      Subject: [African_Arts] Re: FW: Tetela masK

      Paul- For some reason your photos (as well as Gi's) were "not stored"
      and don't show up for me. Am I doing something wrong? Would you be
      able to post them into a photo album? While the Ann Nathan mask is of
      similar design, having looked at it closely, I'm sure it's not from the
      same atelier in that it does not appear to have a mouth hole (or eye
      holes?) and is much squatter than mine. Also, it appears to have that
      same "glazed" shiny patina (almost like pottery) with contrasting
      lighter hilights that, to me, seem manufactured. Plus no holes for
      attachment/raffia and much less carving detail in the eyebrows, horns,
      etc. The one I have has eye/mouth holes and a patina from age/wear
      (including highlites from the same, plus dust, etc). As such, I think
      the one from the Nathan gallery is much more recent and was perhaps
      made for sale. Just my opinion. But it is clearly of the same
      design. I'm looking forward to seeing Gi's as well as the other one
      you mentioned.



      --- In African_Arts@ yahoogroups. com, "Paul De Lucco" <pauldelucco@ ...>
      > Greetings:
      > I notice that three Tetela masks, photos of which were provided by
      members of the group - from Chris's collection, from the Ann Nathan
      Gallery (referenced by Lee), and now from the friend of Gi Mateusen -
      all appear to be from the same atelier - if not the same hand. (I have
      attached the photos to this message.)
      > Regards,
      > Paul

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