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2226Re: OT: Needing some help ID'ing four clay figures

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  • William Klebous
    May 21, 2007
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      Jeffrey, assuming they are all genuine, they
      are all likely pre-columbian.

      Figure 2 is the only one easy to identify --
      Remojadas culture, Vera Cruz, Mexico, circa 500 A.D.

      Figure Dark and Figure 3 are in a kind of
      degenerate Mayan style, which means either that they
      are fakes (which is the easy answer you might get
      from an "expert") or that they are of very late
      Mayan-related culture. As we have discussed on
      this list with regard to problematic African pieces,
      despite what you may read in this or that book,
      cultures or styles rarely just suddenly end, even
      under enormous cultural pressure. More commonly
      they persist and degenerate (and sometimes
      regenerate) in underground or isolated pockets.

      Figure 1 I think belongs to the complex of cultures
      that originated on the north-east coast of South
      America and spread to the Caribbean. I see affinties
      in your piece with early proto-Taino objects and
      those from pre-columbian Venezuela.


      --- painter38 <painter38@...> wrote:

      > Hello All:
      > I recently purchased 4 clay figures from the
      > collection of a
      > gentleman who had been involved with several
      > excavations in Central
      > America and other locations around the world during
      > the 30's and
      > 40's. His wife said he had traveled and worked in
      > 140 countries
      > throught the world. Many of his items were
      > Pre-Columbian and many
      > were African. I have added photos to my picture
      > album of these items
      > and would greatly appreciate any tips or leads that
      > might point to
      > possible origins. (they are the first items in the
      > album) The
      > tallest of the lot is very unique in its form and
      > decorative body
      > tattoos or scarification. I am reminded of Maori
      > decoration and even
      > some birdmanesque qualities. 2 definately have Mezzo
      > American
      > attributes, and the darkest and the only non
      > terracotta figure also
      > has me stumped.
      > Even though none of these may be attributed to
      > Africa, I hope that
      > someone versed in other cultural art forms might be
      > willing to share
      > their expertise. Is anyone aware of other
      > discussion forums for Pre-
      > Columbian art?
      > Best Regards from Tennessee
      > jeffrey
      > African Arts and Culture Discussion Group
      > *Website for the group:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/African_Arts/
      > *Photos folder for the group:
      > http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/African_Arts/photos
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