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2196helmet mask, Burkina Faso

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  • Cory Gundlach
    May 4, 2007
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      I just met an interesting fellow today who recently came back from
      Bobo Dioulasso, Bukina Faso. He's been training UN soldiers at nearby
      camp. He said he bought this helmet mask because "he liked the
      horns." He said he purchased it for $50 from a small market dealer
      after three days of bargaining it down from $350. I noticed that the
      concentric circle motifs running along the vertical circumference are
      somewhat like smaller Lobi metalworks I have seen, but I certainly
      have never come across something like this helmet mask. The serpents
      along the back also familiar. It has a 9" diamter, and is 7.25" tall,
      with eight holes around the base which I'm sure are meant to secure an
      added material for more of a costumed performance. The bird at the
      apex of the dome also reminds me of Lobi metalwork, but the
      spire-tipped tail motifs on the back I have not seen before.
      Honestly, I do not know anything about the art of Burkina Faso beyond

      Comments are welcome!


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