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1894Re: "Symbolic... animales" (senufo twin birds)

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  • William Klebous
    Jan 16, 2007
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      "ari.b" wrote:

      > Herman Bigham & Associates mounts successful Exhibit
      > "Symbolic use of animals in African cultural art"
      > http://www.octobergallery.com/bigham/

      In checking out this link, there is more similarity
      between the Senufo mother pictured and one I own
      than I have yet to find elsewhere:


      In particular, there is the use of two birds on
      the mother's head instead of one, the hoof-like hands,

      the pedulous conical breasts, the armbands, the
      general posture, etc., enough similarities I think
      to put the two figures relatively close in time and
      space. I tentatively think of mine as post-1940,
      pre-1970 based on the quality of the carving and the
      apparently genuine weathering of the wood, so I guess
      I'll write Bigham and see if he has any more info on
      his piece.

      Does anyone have any more info on this twin-bird-head
      Senufo style? WK

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