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175Re: Nigerian Ceremonial mask

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  • leerubinstein
    Jun 7, 2005
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      Thanks for posting images of your mask. My thoughts:

      The basic structure of -- and applied metalwork upon -- the mask you
      have illustrated seems to come more likely from the Malinka or Marka in
      Southern and, I believe, Western, Mali rather than coming from any
      Nigerian tradition. While I do not recall seeing any MARKA examples
      with so pronounced a figure atop the head and between the horns such as
      yours, this inclusion is reminiscent of the neighboring, related
      Bambara. The Marka do, however, produce some horned masks not
      dissimilar to the Bambara Ntomo masks so perhaps we are seeing a
      sharing of elements. I believe a web-search for "Marka Mask" will
      yield to you some related visual references.

      Let us know what you find, and I will forward any related examples I
      see that may shed light on your mask.

      Besr, Lee
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