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Phx ComiCon

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  • dameshahara
    Greetings Umbria, Phx ComiCon is fast approaching! We will be making a trip down to the Phx Convention Center Wednesday evening May 23rd to set up our area.
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      Greetings Umbria,
      Phx ComiCon is fast approaching! We will be making a trip down to the Phx Convention Center Wednesday evening May 23rd to set up our area. Those interested in helping, meet us La Parada Park at 5:30. We'll be leaving the park no later than 6. We have only till 8 to set up. Anyone wishing to help and needs a ride to set up, please let His Grace Gaetano or I know so we can make arrangements.

      We will also needs some tables, preferably 6 foot long tables, but we'll take anything we can get. If anyone has one we can barrow, please let me know. We need to ensure we have a solid barrier between our combat and the mundanes. His Grace Gaetano should be done with his Balista by then and we can use that as some of the barrier.

      I expect this years event to outshine last years and appreciate everyone's support and assistance. You've all be great.

      Umbria Rocks!
      Dame Shahara of Lion's Court
    • dameshahara
      Greetings everyone, I have been in almost constant contact with the Program Staff for ComiCon. It appears we WILL be inside, on the 3rd floor. Huzzah! Out of
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        Greetings everyone,

        I have been in almost constant contact with the Program Staff for ComiCon.  It appears we WILL be inside, on the 3rd floor.  Huzzah! Out of the heat.

        Below are some important emails I have received.   I apologize for the length, but I didn't want to miss anything for you.  If you are interested in participating in any of these special events, please let me know so I can submit your names and for what.

        Dame Shahaha

        Hello Cosplay Groups!!!! I have some fun and exciting news today.  Do yall remember the announcements at Fan Fest for all Marvel or DC costumers to play assemble at the photo booth area??  

         Well that was such a huge success that we have carved out an entire area for this awesome event at Phoenix Comicon 2015.....YAY!!!!!

         All cosplay groups receiving third floor space and badges are expected to participate.  I know this just means one more event yall have to plan for, and I am sorry for this, but at this point I am only following orders.....happily.  I am personally in charge of making and keeping a schedule for the groups. 

         Now honestly, this schedule will not be up and ready for review for about another month as I want to wait for the bulk of the panels to be scheduled to cut down on double booking.


        Any questions or comments please feel free to send me an email.  I am here to help all of you...really I am!

        -Anthony Valdivia


        Programming Cosplay Coordinator



        Hi Guys,

         I wanted to touch base with you guys about several new opportunities that your groups will have to meet your programming requirements as spelled out in the Large Group contract.  

        As a reminder, any panels you wish to submit as part of your programming requirements need to be sent in to me NO LATER than April 22nd at midnight.  I've attached another copy of the panel submission form for your convenience.

        On Saturday Evening, the Convention is hosting a "Game of Thrones" themed party called "The Red Wedding".  We are looking to members of your group to provide a fighting demo during the party.  

        The Silhouettes of History Fashion Showcase has been moved to the Renaissance Hotel Grand Ballroom.  The show is still scheduled for Sunday, May 31st.  The time hasn't been nailed down yet, but I expect that to be confirmed by April 22nd. I've attached the Model Registration form as well.

        Immediately afterwards in at the Renaissance Hotel, there will be a Historical Costuming social, where folks can come up close and ask questions about your outfits.  This will also be the main photo op where group shots will be taken of all participants.  This is a *great* outreach opportunity and all models who are part of your programming hours will be asked to stay on.  

        Finally,  both the SCA and Kingdom of Umbra have been offered INDOOR Space at the Sheraton Hotel for fighting Demonstrations.  Ideally, we'd like to schedule a demonstration on Friday and Saturday during the day.  Scheduling and logistics are still being determined.

        As I get more information, I will happily share it with you.  I will be at the Phoenix Convention Center this Wednesday the 25th to answer questions.  I'm also willing to meet with you all over the phone or via Skype.

        My full contact information is below.  I look forward to hearing from all of you.

        Jo Stomel

        Historical Costuming Coordinator

        Phoenix Comic Con 2015


        Subject: Cosplayers needed for PCC media spots

        > To: "Arizona Avengers" <arizonaavengers@...>,

        "Justice League Arizona" <justiceleaguearizona@...>, departmentofzombiedefense1@..., "Sherrie Gibbons" <Dameshahara@...>, "Jim Manley" <livesteamrr@...>, "Jason Drotman" <wwwcpresident@...>, "Umbrella Corporation Arizona Hive" <azhive@...>, "DuneSeaJedi@..."< DuneSeaJedi@...>, "Heroes United" <heroesunitedaz@...>, "Michael Little" <mike.little@...>, "resquiveljr1" <resquiveljr@...>

        > Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 8:15 AM
        > I have been asked by Tom our media person if we could get some cosplayers out
        > really really early on Friday during con. This is the time that they set up the TV spots for the morning newscasts and conduct interviews. By really early I mean probably about 4AM.
        > Right now we are just wanting some input on who thinks they would like to attend and then will work out the details closer to con. Thanks everyone!
        > Mary
        > FoltzStreet Team Manager - 520-508-1938Phoenix Comicon Fan
        > Fest Phoenix Comicon

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